How to connect an LeDMX4 MAX device directly to my computer

The DMXking devices are delivered with the network settings configured at the factory to these defaults:

DHCP (IP address assigned by a DHCP server/router on a network)

  • eDMX1
  • ultraDMX2

Static IP (192.168.0.X where X varies with the product)

  • eDMX2
  • eDMX4 (Pro, DIN, ISODIN)
  • LeDMX4

When connecting a device directly to your computer's ethernet adapter (Thunderbolt, USB, built-in), instead of via an existing network/router, it's recommended that you change both the DMXking device and your computer to static IP. The steps to do that are as follows (applies to both Mac and Windows with slight variations). Please note that if your computer has multiple network adapters (including WiFi) and a different adapter is already using 192.168.0.x then you must select a different subnet (192.168.1.x for example) for both the DMXking device and your computer. Substitute 0 to 1 in the instructions below.

  1. Make sure you can communicate with the DMXking device in the eDMX Config Utility, it should show up in the node list, and once you select it you should be able to see the firmware version and serial number. If not, see the other FAQ articles here for troubleshooting tips. Note that the eDMX1 product is only powered via USB, you always need to connect it via Ethernet to communicate.
  2. Select Static IP mode. The default IP address is in the 192.168.0.X range where X varies based on model. Change if necessary, but these steps assume the defaults are used.
  3. Click Apply/Update network settings. The device will reboot and use its new IP address. Depending on your computer's configuration it may or may not show up in the node list right away. See next steps.
  4. Close the eDMX Config Utility and go into your computer's network configuration (System Preferences/Network on Mac, Network Adapters on Windows) and change the IPv4 address from DHCP (default) to static IP (Manually on Mac), and use with subnet mask and leave gateway/router blank. Apply settings.
  5. Re-open the eDMX Config Utility and verify that the DMXking device shows up in the node list, and that there are no warnings when you click on it.
  6. You can now close the eDMX Config Utility and start using your intended lighting software, using either ArtNet or E1.31/sACN, making sure you select the appropriate network adapter in the software (applies to most lighting software).