Lightkey works using sACN but not ArtNet

The DMXking devices map universe id 1 to ArtNet address 0:0:0, which is the way most software does it. But Lightkey has fixed universe ids (the top buttons in the fixture patch screen) starting at 1, so when you're using sACN the first universe in Lightkey is sACN id 1, which maps to the first port on all DMXking devices using factory defaults. When you configure Lightkey to use ArtNet then the first universe will be ArtNet address 0:0:1. So if you want to use ArtNet in Lightkey then you need to configure the ports on the DMXking devices with starting universe id 2. Another aspect of using sACN is that the IP address of the DMXking matters less, since sACN by default is using multicast. When using ArtNet you have to make sure the DMXking device is in the same subnet (192.168.0.x for example) as the Mac's network adapter. In the standard for sACN (E1.31) the first address is 1, and in the ArtNet standard the first address is 0:0:0.